Exterior Painting and Staining:

The first thing that your family and guests alike will see of your home is the look of its exterior painting. It’s absolutely crucial to have experienced, dedicated house painting specialists tend to its look and reliability when it’s starting to show its age. Your home’s coat of exterior painting endures pressure from a wide variety of different factors each day which wear away at its color, quality, and reliability over time more than interior painting ever could. As a result, exterior painting is often a much more involved process than interior painting services and Houghton Lake, MI homeowners need to be sure that they’re connecting with Frederick’s painters who have all the training, experience, and skill needed to get the job done right.

Wood Siding, Painting or Staining:

For the most part, stain is the same as paint. It is composed of pigments and a vehicle, ingredients that perform the same functions as they do in paint. Both stain and paint provide protection and add color, but that is where the similarities stop.The beauty of a stain finish lies in its ability to accent the texture of the wood. Depending on which type of stain you choose, you may impart a definite color to the wood or merely tint it lightly, allowing much of its natural coloring to show through.
Stains are economical to maintain, and they resist cracking, peeling, and blistering when applied according to the manufacturer’s directions.

You can count on Fredrick’s to attend to every detail in correct preparation, application and attention to detail required for many years of protected finish of your home.

Stucco Painting or Staining:

Painting stucco can be difficult because it has a textured surface. Doing the task correctly requires meticulous attention to detail and patience. However, once you paint stucco successfully it can last for many years and increase the value of your home.

  • Let the stucco rest for at least 60 days if it is new. The stucco needs at least 60 days to settle and dry completely.
    We look for any areas that are peeling or staining. You may want to mark these areas since they will need extra attention when you are painting over them.
  • We pressure wash the stucco using a pressure washer. This will remove dust and dirt and also remove any loose paint from previous paint jobs.
  • Then fill any cracks in the stucco. Using caulk for small hairline cracks but will need to fill the larger cracks with a thick sealant since it will hold its place more firmly.
  • To ensure quality, we repair damaged areas by replacing the loose stucco, washing the damaged area and applying patching compound after the surface is dry.
  • Finally, we choose paint able to stretch to adjust to temperature changes. It is dirt and mildew resistance: to minimize cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Deck Painting or Staining:

Your deck takes a beating from the elements. The Sun’s UV rays destroy wood fibers and the heat, cold, and moisture causes all kinds of stress. On top of that, mildew, moss, and bugs will take up residence if allows. Protect your deck with deck paint or stain.

If you have ever tried painting your Michigan deck, you know that its not an easy task. Deck Painting is both a skill and an art.

That’s why Fredrick’s professional deck painters must have several years of experience painting decks in and around Houghton / Higgins Lake.

When it comes to high quality affordable staining, painting, and restoring decks in Michigan, Frederick’s is the deck restoration contractor Michigan residents trust.